Discovering Eternity

Discovering Eternity - San Diego

Limited edition of 295

Hand signed and numbered on paper.
Gallery Price: 1275
Limited Time
Sale Price: 750
Print Size: 33X24
Framed Size: 50X42

About the piece

Inspired by the message of the beloved L.D.S. children’s song “l Am a Child of God,” the painting “Discovering Eternity” captures a magical moment shared by a mother and her daughter in view of the eternal splendor of the San Diego Temple. While the two make a memory, collecting treasures from the sea, the golden light emanating from the temple points to the treasures of eternity.

Aldo Luongo’s dreamlike brush strokes and use of varying shades of gold seem to offer a brief glimpse of the beautiful, unimaginable promise the Lord holds in store for His children who keep their covenants.

Limited Time Only - Buy this print Unframed at a tremendous sale price. Contact us for details!

About Aldo Luongo

Argentinean-born painter Aldo Luongo possesses the extraordinary ability to suspend a moment in time while still expressing a radical sense of motion. It is no wonder, then, that he has twice been selected as an official artist of the Olympic Games.

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