Eternity in Paradise

Eternity in Paradise, Laie, HI Temple

Limited edition of 195 on Paper

Hand signed and numbered on paper.
Gallery Price: 575
Sale Price: 355
Print Size: 22X30
Framed Size: 37X45

Limited edition of 195 on Canvas (sold out)

Hand signed and numbered on canvas.
Gallery Price: 625
Type: Framed
Sale Price: 395
Print Size: 22X30
Framed Size: 34X41
Sold Out

About the piece

The abundant beauty of the Laie Hawaii Temple is captured in James Jensen's glorious representation of paradise. Truly, this is a work in which his mastery of the pastel medium is demonstrated to its highest degree. Rich and vivid colors highlight abundant symbolism in this most unique image of the first temple built in Polynesia.

The loveliness of the Temple is highlighted against a sky of gold and purple, the colors of royalty. Below, the King's canoe has come to rest on the beach, and in the nearby sand are five fragile footprints, easily destroyed by the waves and representing the fallen state of mankind. In the foreground are twelve birds symbolizing the twelve Tribes of Israel. Finally, to the right is an altar on which are succulent tropical fruits representing the sweet fruit of the gospel and a yellow feather shawl-a king's coat-indicating that a mortal king has come to the house of the King of Kings.

About James Jensen

James Jensen's extraordinary talent in the pastel medium has been recognized by fellow artists and art lovers alike. His works embody a rich, archival quality which sets him apart as one of the most distinguished artists of our time, as well as the recipient of the top awards in his field. Trained in Boulder, Colorado, New York City, and Milan, his work is a fusion of modern perspective and old world technique that results in breathtaking still lifes and architectural renderings.

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