About The Sacred Print

LDS Art Gallery

The Sacred Print Art Gallery specializes in Fine Art with LDS themes. We offer collectable prints and original works from some of today's most widely collected artists. Most of our artists are Non-LDS but have been commissioned to incorporate LDS temples into the style of painting that made the artist famous. The Sacred Print offers only fine art collectable editions that help people acquire unique images of LDS temples to display in their homes.

Based out of Colorado, The Sacred Print is a family owned and operated business. We hope your family finds joy through the works that we represent.

The Sacred Print offers today's brightest artists such as Pino, Arian, Carrie Graber, James Jensen, Antal Goldfinger and Aldo Luongo. These artists are considered super stars in the art community. We are priveleged to LDS themed fine art from each of these artists.

Please contact us with additional questions.

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