Sacred Memories

Sacred Memories - Salt Lake City, UT Temple

Limited edition of 195

Hand signed and numbered on canvas.
Gallery Price: 1050
Type: Framed
Sale Price: 655
Print Size: 20X20
Framed Size: 32X27

About the piece

True to his signature style of rich symbolism and classical execution, Antal Goldfinger has masterfully illuminated the journey of the pioneers and the construction of the Salt Lake Temple under the prophetic direction of Brigham Young.

Present are several powerful symbols which commemorate the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessings of a kind Heavenly Father: the near devastation by locusts and the ensuing miracle of the seagulls, the Keys of the Priesthood, the flowers and wheat stalks signifying the Lord's bounty, and the sweet fruits of the gospel. Present also are a bee and honeycomb representing Salt Lake City, a draftsman's rendering of the Temple, and a photograph of Brigham Young adjacent to his oft-studied books of scripture.

This painting stands as a powerful reminder of the faith and sacrifices of the pioneers, and of the loving care with which God sustains his children.

About Antal Goldfinger

Antal Goldfinger's personal style has been described as "the equilibrium achieved through combining classical balance of form and space with the spontaneous execution of color." He is a master of the physical image, whether his subject be a dramatic landscape or a symbolically rich still life. Additionally, he possesses a strong desire to surpass the standard expectations regarding limited edition prints and insists on adding a "little original" to every one of them, making them each a one-of-a-kind treasure.

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