Steps to Eternity
by Pino

Steps to Eternity - Oakland, CA Temple

Limited edition of 95

Signed, numbered, and hand embellished by the artist.
Each piece is unique.
Gallery Price: 3950
Sold Out.  Please call us for pricing and details.
Print Size: 30X40
Framed Size: 38X48

Now Available! Original Oil On Canvas

The opportunity to own an original Pino oil painting is rare.
Buy this one of a kind masterpiece through the Sacred Print now!
Print Size: 30X40
Framed Size: 38X48

About the piece

This painting by Pino is replete with symbolic imagery. In his first reproduction of this spectacular oriental-modernist structure, he has chosen to highlight its location as a natural oasis within an otherwise suburban environment. Additionally, Pino has touched upon the majesty of this temple in its spiritual context.

Here, a mother gently guides her children up a narrow blossoming path to the beckoning white and gold temple at the top of a hill. Like Moses, they are barefoot as they proceed on holy ground, and the young daughter carries a basket of flowers she has picked indicating not only her innocence and devotion, but the bounty of good works prepared for Heaven over the course of a lifetime. For the moment, their terrestrial concerns have faded from view as they pursue the more lasting rewards of spiritual endeavors.

The soft hues and distinct dreamlike setting both exemplify the artist’s skill in portraying the tangible compounded upon the eternal; in essence  producing a startlingly beautiful revelation of heavenly gifts viewed in the murky glass of our temporal view.

About Pino

Giuseppe D'Angelico--now better known as Pino Daeni, or simply Pino --was born in Bari, Italy in 1939. His father was a technician at a local university, and although the family suffered hardships due to the war-torn country's economic distress at the time, Pino found a refuge in art. "It is fine art, unlike other artistic milieu, that the brush strokes come from the heart rather than the eye," says Pino of his true calling.

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