Nauvoo Legacy
by Pino

Nauvoo Legacy - Nauvoo, IL Temple

Hand Embellished - Limited edition of 95

Signed, numbered, and hand embellished by the artist.
Each piece is unique.
Gallery Price: 3950
Type: Framed on canvas
Sale Price: 2950
Print Size: 40X32
Framed Size: 48X40

About the piece

The demand for Pino's free yet vividly poignant creations has historically been overwhelming. His latest painting, Nauvoo Legacy, is truly a masterpiece.  This fantastic work blends the historical significance of the Nauvoo temple with the pioneer heritage of the LDS community.

The mother’s eyes portray fierce determination which contrasts with the sweet innocence of her sleeping daughter.  As the family starts out on their handcart expedition, their faith will guide them to Zion.

True to his form, Pino has captured the moment beautifully.  Deemed by Pino’s collectors as “one of his best ever”, Nauvoo Legacy is sure to be a rewarding investment.

About Pino

Giuseppe D'Angelico--now better known as Pino Daeni, or simply Pino --was born in Bari, Italy in 1939. His father was a technician at a local university, and although the family suffered hardships due to the war-torn country's economic distress at the time, Pino found a refuge in art. "It is fine art, unlike other artistic milieu, that the brush strokes come from the heart rather than the eye," says Pino of his true calling.

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