Eternal Expectations

Eternal Expectations - Nauvoo, IL Temple

Limited edition of 195

Hand signed and numbered.
Gallery Price: 575
Type: Framed
Sale Price: 355
Print Size: 20X25
Framed Size: 32X37

Artist Proof edition of 25

Signed, numbered, and hand embellished by the artist.
Each piece is unique.
Gallery Price: 900
Sale Price: 555
Print Size: 24X32
Framed Size: 28X36

About the piece

The innocence, purity and hope of a young girl are captured in this beautiful painting by Carrie Graber. As she stands before a mirror, the child sees herself dressed in her mother's wedding veil and dreams of the day when she, too, will be a bride. For a bouquet, she holds a delicate stem of violet flowers which symbolize her modesty and virtue. Behind her, the resplendent rays of the sun capture the Nauvoo Temple in golden illumination, a vivid reminder that she will someday be married there, while the mirror's reflection signifies her path to eternal marriage.

This print would make a lovely addition to any home grounded in the principals of Eternal Marriage and chastity. It would also make a fitting gift for a young woman at her baptism or entrance into Young Woman's, or to celebrate the birth of a new daughter.

About Carrie Graber

At the modest age of 29, Carrie Graber is already one of today's rising superstars in the art community. Her romantic style and dramatic juxtaposition of light and shadow is reminiscent of the Dutch master Vermeer. She has already accumulated an impressive number of accolades and awards, and is considered one of America's most exciting young artists.

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